Tombstone Latte - Spooky Bitch Charm Candles

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Our grayish Tombstone Latte candle is French Vanilla scented and contains two skeleton/graveyard themed charms. 

Celebrate spooky season with these Limited Edition hidden charm candles. Each 6oz Spooky Bitch candle comes with two hidden reusable charms, which reveal themselves as the candle melts. No two candles are the same, as no charm combination was duplicated in the process. These candles are sold by scent, and are available in one of three Spooky labels, while supplies last: "It's a Dead Man's Party" "This is Halloween" and "Carpe Noctem."

All available Spooky Bitch Charm Candle varieties:

  • "Vampire's Kiss" - Blood Orange and Goji Berry Scent in RED 
  • "Tombstone Latte" - French Vanilla Latte Scent in GREYISH BROWN 
  • "Squatternut Bosh" - Coffee and Sweet Potato Pie Scents layered in ORANGE
  • "Witch's Brew" - Citrus Sage and Patchouli Scents in PURPLE

Each candle is handmade using raw ingredients, and will vary from candle to candle. No two candles are the same, especially with this collection, and will vary from the photo. Ethically sourced Palm/Soy wax blend creates an icy finish in reusable glass mason jars with black tin screw tops.  Only high quality color dyes and oils used.