The Binx Bunch

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Bubble, bubble, you’re in trouble…Sistahs, Virgins, Good Zombies, and Kindly Old Spinster Ladies: 

Calm your yabbos, grab your vacuums, and come, we fly, to see Suki Shima’s newest Fandles. 

These unscented 7-Day Prayer candles feature Hocus Pocus characters in Tarot Deck style. No black flames here. They’re beautiful! Boys will love them!


The Collection:

  • Winifred Sanderson - Temperance (reversed) (lavender)
  • Billy Butcherson - The Hanged Man (blue)
  • Mary Sanderson - The Chariot (blue)
  • Ice and Jay - Judgement (blue)
  • The Devil - The Devil (red)
  • Max Dennison - The Fool (blue)
  • Dani Dennison - The Star (white)