*NEW* Lovey

  • $15.00

Maggie’s new personal favorite, the sweetly named “Lovey” candle smells like new baby. Topped with calming lavender and starring the warming scents of baby powder and Johnson and Johnson’s Bedtime Bath, this candle will give you baby fever. Soft powder notes with a undertone of rose, jasmine and violets, with lavender and chamomile.

New for 2023 and made in a limited batch, our Fall Botanicals are rich and sweet! Infused with healing herbs, these palm/soy wax blends will prep and cozy up your space as you move inside for the winter. 

All Botanical candles come in 6oz reusable glass mason jars with black tin lids. Each candle is handmade using raw ingredients, and will vary from the photos and each other. No two candles are the same. Ethically sourced Soy/Paraffin wax blend creates an icy finish. Organic, food-grade herbs purchased from small businesses and growers. Only high-quality color dyes and oils.