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This COMMUNICATION manifestation candle is hand-poured with the intention of improving communication skills, clarifying difficult and complicated conversations, supporting inner strength, and uncovering truths. Infused with healing herbs and crystals, this palm/soy wax blend energizes with a powerful Stress Relief scent. Blue color magic cleanses the throat chakra (our communication center), promotes purity, clarity, new beginnings, peace and the truth. The healing stones of Lapis Lazuli, Chrysocolla, Blue Chalcedony and Snowflake Obsidian are surrounded by Fennel Seed, Rosemary, Yarrow, Mugwort and Lemon Balm.

Each candle is handmade using raw ingredients, and will vary from candle to candle. No two candles are the same, and will vary from the photo. Ethically sourced Palm/Soy wax blend creates an icy finish. Reusable glass jar. Organic, food-grade herbs and healing crystals purchased from small businesses and growers. Only high-quality color dyes and oils.

Available in a 10oz reusable glass jar and a 5oz small travel tin. All candles come with guidance for use. Custom orders are welcome.