House of Burgundy

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We’re more than 72% sure we love these candles. This is the first line in a new film and tv inspired collection of novelty fan candles (“Fandles”) that are sure to keep surprising you. These 16oz (don’t act like you’re not impressed) 7-day candles will have you praying at the House of Burgundy. With addictive scents and meme worthy icons as decor, Ron and the Channel 4 News Team will take you to Pleasuretown. They’re limited edition, so don’t be a smelly pirate hooker, and grab yours before they’re gone.

The Scent Breakdown:

  • “Sex Panther” = Men’s Cologne (think a woody, oaky version of Prince Charming)
  • ”Whammy” = Fresh Cut Grass & Tobacco
  • “Loud Noises” = Oak for Men
  • ”Milk was a Bad Choice” = Cinnamon Sugar Donut
  • “News Team Assemble” = French Vanilla Latte
  • “Go Fuck Yourself” = Smoke Eliminator (not meant to throw off a lot of smell, but to fight the funk!)
  • “Anchorlady” = Pink Sugar