Zodiac Collection

Zodiac Collection

Welcome to Suki Shima's ZODIAC COLLECTION of hand-poured, small batch candles.

Inspired by nature from start to finish, we have a candle for each astrological sign- whether you're an independent Aquarius like Maggie, or a practical Taurus like Kelly.

Scented by element — Fire, Earth, Air, Water — each sign is topped with a uniquely crafted blend of crystals, herbs, and flowers. And as a bonus, each one is decorated with a unique golden token that can be repurposed as a wearable charm! 

These candles are hand-poured in small batches with a palm/soy wax blend that creates an icy finish and features one wick set in a reusable 10oz glass tumbler with a flat glass lid. All ingredients are ethically sourced and purchased from small business and vendors. As each candle is handmade using raw ingredients, no two candles are the same, and will vary from the original photos. We only use high quality color dyes and oils.


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